Theresa Vail: The New Face of the Miss America Pageant

theresa vailTheresa Vail is fluent in Chinese, an accomplished archer, a member of the Army Dental Corps, a university graduate with a double-major, and will be competing for the Miss America crown this year.  I was happy to read about her this morning because she has taken it upon herself to empower women through competing (and succeeding) in male-dominated sports.  She is also open to sharing her experiences with bullying during adolescence and to breaking the mold of standard pageant beauty (although she is fit, pretty, blond, and has nice teeth, she will be showing two large tattoos during the swimwear portion of the pageant).  See a local news article about her here, and a magazine article here.  Also, read her blog at

While pageantry makes me cringe on some levels (the whole physical beauty part of it really), I see the positives to it for many women as pageants provide scholarships, leadership experiences, and philanthropic opportunities.  It provides the contestants with the forum for being positive role models.

I appreciate that Theresa is bringing a new face to women who compete in pageants and sharing her unique life story along the way.


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I mentored young girls in foster care while I was at the U of A and was a Youth Minister for five years. I have also worked for two years as a social worker with homeless women which has helped me see things from a feminist perspective. I can't imagine trying to raise a daughter in a society full of reality tv and fifteen minute fame for a "nip slip". I didn't have an older sister, but if I did, there are things I would've wanted her to tell me (I did have a great older brother--thank you to Sam who did his best with "girl talk"). So, for all young girls who want someone out there to be honest with them on all topics, I will try to do my best. I will also bring attention to feminist issues, pop culture, and current news stories that I think could benefit my readers. Thanks for reading!
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