Do you want to create social change?

Check out Girls For A Change.  I just came across this website and this program rocks.  Click on the Where We Are tab to see if there is a program in your state!

When I was at the University of Arizona, I was part of a group of high school and college students who were able to help make a social change.  We chose to combat discrimination in our area.  The foundation we were a part of gave us $50,000 to help fund any programs that we thought lined up with our mission to combat discrimination.  We ended up helping five different programs by giving them each $10,000.  It was so rewarding to be a part of something positive for my community.

If Girls For A Change isn’t in your area, look for other programs that promote positive social change.  Think on your own personal level, what can I do to create social change?  First, think of a social issue around you.  What injustices do you witness?  Is there something that a friend or family member has gone through that bothered you?  Next, think of why that issue exists.  How can you change it?  Do you need to start at a small level or can you do something big?  Look for groups at your school or programs for youth in your area.  See if you can join up with others who support your cause and get going!  Remember, just standing up for something that you believe in can create change.  Good luck!


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