In Closing for Bullying Awareness Week…

Thank you to everyone who read about bullying this week on If I Had A Little Sister.  Maintaining our education on bullying and staying up to date with current stories is one way that we can combat this kind of treatment.  I hope that everyone was able to get something out of the posts this week and maybe even change a bullied person’s life.  Remember that together we can create change.  Evil wins when we stand idly by–don’t be an observer, stand up for someone in need.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  -Mahatma Ghandi


2 thoughts on “In Closing for Bullying Awareness Week…

  1. Hello,

    As the person who originally conceived of the annual Bullying Awareness Week nearly ten years ago, I am thrilled that the you have chosen to get behind this grassroots initiative. I would invite your readers to visit to learn how they can get involved..


    Bill Belsey


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    “Learn to BE the change!”
    Online courses and Webinars about bullying and cyberbullying
    “Prevention through education and awareness”
    The official Website for the annual Bullying Awareness Week

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