Teachers Bullied This Student

Cheyanne, a girl with special needs in school, was bullied by her teacher and teacher’s aid.  Comments such as, “You are so damn dumb,” and belittling remarks about her weight and family, and unfair criticisms about her lifestyle were made.  Cheyanne was starting to harm herself to not have to go to school and face these teachers that she’d had since fifth grade (for four years).  Her parents received no help from the Principal or Superintendent when trying to investigate the matter.  Finally, they wired Cheyanne with a tape recorder and had proof of her being bullied and tormented by two people whom she was supposed to be able to trust.  Please watch this video to educate yourself of her story so that if you know a special needs student, you can be more aware and help prevent this kind of disgusting treatment.

Side note:  I love that Ann Curry did this story and I thank her for her compassion during the interview with Cheyanne and her father.  However, I would have liked to see more questions from Ms. Curry directed to Cheyanne.  I also feel that her excessive touching of Cheyanne’s arm combined with her slightly slowed down speech and simple vocabulary came off as a bit condescending to people with disabilities.  I am sure this was not Ms. Curry’s intent, I just wanted to make you all, as readers of this blog, aware that it is not necessary to act any differently around someone with special needs.


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