Michele Bachmann…you’ve got to be kidding me.


Click the link above to watch several high school girls question Michele Bachmann on what she would do to protect Gay-Striaght Alliances in schools along with the LGBT community in general.  Bachmann continuously repeats an answer that doesn’t make sense and she clearly is sticking to an agenda rather than actually taking the time to think for herself and answer questions from the youth of her country and home state.  What is she teaching the youth of America???

One question from the clip asked after Bachmann tells the student that every American has the SAME civil rights is: “Then why can’t two same sex people get married?”

Bachmann’s answer?  Every American can get married, as long as it’s to a member of the opposite sex.  She sees this as equal rights for all.  Her stance is that no one gets rights based on their sexual preference.  I beg to differ—-straight people obviously get extra rights based on their sexual preference in that they can have federally recognized marriages.

Michele Bachmann—you are clearly a strong woman or you wouldn’t be where you are today.  Please do all of us young women a favor and be a good role model.  Whatever you believe, at least look like you are trying to think for yourself and answer questions honestly.  Don’t be a political pawn.  It’s embarrassing for everyone involved.


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