A New Perspective

I was talking with a friend last night about how fortunate I was to have been raised by two parents who gave me so much, when I had an epiphany.  It was not only the things they had done for me that helped me become confident and well-rounded, but it was equally the things they had never done.  I know about the advantage they gave me in life by offering me endless love, encouragement, support, safety, opportunity, humor, faith, family, and guidance.  But what about the fact that they never gave me shame, fear, insecurity, disgust, sadness, hurt, pain or neglect?  I have a newfound understanding that parenting is not just about what you can offer your child, but about the things you need to be mature enough to not put on your child.  Growth and development is so complex and there are so many ways to injure your child’s self-worth.  So, I thank my parents this morning, as I sit on my porch in a home I share with a loving husband, for the things they did not give me.  Have a blessed morning everyone!IMG_0850_0102_102My mom and dad who followed me from a very warm place to a very cold one, to help me spread my wings.


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