A Self-Love Activity

This is a self-love exercise that I have planned for Girl Guides tonight.  Here’s how you can do it with your friends or family.

dr seuss cards

Make a card (I chose to include one of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes on the front).  Sit in a circle with your friends and lots of markers.  Put your name on the inside of your card.  Pass the cards clockwise, taking the time to write a compliment to each person – here’s an important piece: the compliment cannot be about something physical (the person’s appearance – body, clothes, etc).  Really think about something that you love about each friend and write it down.  (Example: “I noticed when you sat with a girl who was alone at lunch last week.  You have a big heart!”)  Let your friends know that you see the small things about them.  Be thoughtful.  Have fun.  Be creative.

When everyone is done, take your card with you.  Read it and really believe the things that your friends/family have written about you.  I am going to put my card on my bathroom mirror so I see it every day.


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