Well said.


Thank you, Lizzie Velasquez, for letting the negativity fuel your fire so that you can give back to others through motivation.


Theresa Vail: The New Face of the Miss America Pageant


theresa vailTheresa Vail is fluent in Chinese, an accomplished archer, a member of the Army Dental Corps, a university graduate with a double-major, and will be competing for the Miss America crown this year.  I was happy to read about her this morning because she has taken it upon herself to empower women through competing (and succeeding) in male-dominated sports.  She is also open to sharing her experiences with bullying during adolescence and to breaking the mold of standard pageant beauty (although she is fit, pretty, blond, and has nice teeth, she will be showing two large tattoos during the swimwear portion of the pageant).  See a local news article about her here, and a magazine article here.  Also, read her blog at missoutdoorgirl.com.

While pageantry makes me cringe on some levels (the whole physical beauty part of it really), I see the positives to it for many women as pageants provide scholarships, leadership experiences, and philanthropic opportunities.  It provides the contestants with the forum for being positive role models.

I appreciate that Theresa is bringing a new face to women who compete in pageants and sharing her unique life story along the way.


Girl Guides of Canada, thanks for the cookies and smiles!


girl guides cookiesTo the Girl Guides that came to my door this weekend,

Thank you for bringing me delicious cookies to snack on.

More importantly, thank you for working hard to raise money for you program.  It takes hard work, effort, determination, and lots of smiling to sell lots of cookies.  You did a wonderful job and I was happy to buy cookies and contribute to a wonderful program.

Thank you, also, for being so excited and happy and thankful.  You definitely brightened up my day!

Sincerely, Jessica

More misogyny in the USA


Caroline Pla is being told she has to stop playing in a league she’s been a part of for two years because she is a girl.  Is it possible that those behind this are threatened that a female is as good as a male at a traditionally male sport?

Watch this clip from ABC news and decide for yourself.

One of the GIRLS


It was cool to see an article about Erin DiMeglio on People.com, but they gave the article a tagline of “One of the Guys”.

Why does Erin have to be one of the guys just because she’s on the football team?  Isn’t she still just one of the girls?  She just happens to have a cannon of an arm and can throw well enough to make the top football team at her school.  Good for her.  People.com–fix your language please.

Click here to read the article.