A Basic Commandment


While I was playing in a slow-pitch softball tournament today, something neat happened.  While we were on the field and the other team was up to bat, a girl hit a long fly ball that the umpire called “foul”.  Her teammates didn’t agree with the call and yelled a bit.  One of them must have been cursing because the umpire stopped the game and told them to quit swearing because he wouldn’t have that on his field.  Then, after another girl said, “Oh, she didn’t mean it,” and a few more girls mumbled under their breath trying to shake it off the umpire fired back.

He said, “I will not sit here while you swear and use the Lord’s name in vain.  I will not have that.  Cut it out and let’s play ball.”

I thought to myself how often I hear people use the Lord’s name in vain and how I never hear anyone ask someone else to stop.  I was proud to hear him say that.  It is a basic commandment that a lot of people tend to overlook.  In a slow-pitch, beer-drinking environment, he was definitely going out on a limb by saying that cursing was not allowed but he obviously was passionate about his stance.  Kudos to you, Blue, for taking the risk of being the odd one out to hold true to yourself.  It’s a good thing to be reminded of our basic commandments and frankly, our manners, too.