Stand Up to the Bully? How???


From the Broadway show, "Wicked"

In many discussions about bullying, it is emphasized to “stand up to the bully.”  Unfortunately, how to do this is not always clearly outlined.  So, let’s talk about what you can do that constitutes as “standing up” to a bully.  (The following are ways that I know how to stand up to a bully, but if you can think of more, please comment below.)


How to stand up to a bully:

-tell the bully that what they are doing is not okay

-tell the bully to stop

-tell the person being bullied that you’re there and they don’t have to be bullied

-step in front of the person being bullied

-go get a teacher or parent and tell them what you witnessed

-if you’re the one being bullied, tell someone with authority (make sure they understand the severity of the bullying and that you are afraid, if that is the case)

As you can see, there are many ways to confront a bully.  It is not easy to do, and it takes courage.  I know that girls are brave when it comes to protecting someone or doing what you know is right.  If you stand up for someone when they are having trouble standing up for themselves, they will remember you forever and it could change their life.  It is worth doing.  As part of the human race, we should act when we see an injustice being brought upon a fellow person.

What are some ways that you know how to stand up to a bully?