Thank a Teacher


October 5 is Thank a Teacher Day (something I learned on facebook about 3 minutes ago).  While scrolling through my news feed I saw this video by Take Part TV on Upworthy’s website.  It’s worth sharing.

For me, I was influenced by many of my teachers.  Thank you to Mr. Dorson, Mr. Sanchez, Ms. Newton, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Schearer, Ms. Kutcher, Mr. Eriksson, Mrs. Daranyi, Mr. Schumacher….just to name a few of the many.  I wish now, that I would’ve paid more attention in class and soaked up all they had to offer me.  Oh well.  Que sera, sera.  (I actually know what that means because of my Spanish teachers.)

The best thing my teachers did for me is that even though I could be that annoying student who always wanted to share her work and raised her hand for most questions (I’d be waving it around when no one else had their hand up, but the teacher would be scanning the room desperately for “someone we haven’t heard from yet”), my teachers called on me and encouraged me.  They talked to me before and after class and made me feel like an individual.  Thank you.

Thank you to my coaches, as well, who took the extra time after school to teach me on the field.