…I’d tell her to greet each day with an upbeat attitude.


There are days when we’re all tired, but what is the difference in energy output between being positive and being sour?  I would tell you that from my experience, I spend much more energy trying to maintain a negative demeanor than being positive.  It takes little effort to smile and welcome the day (and the chores it entails) with an open heart.  In a good mood, I can accomplish many things and feel good about it.  In a sour mood, I will most likely mope through my chores, expending more energy on slumping around and complaining while bringing everyone I encounter down with me.

We are all in control of our own moods.  We can choose to be happy or miserable.  Granted, there are things that can bring us back to grumpy if we’re not careful.  Perhaps it is waking up to a sink full of dishes, getting stuck in traffic, or realizing as you pull up to the yoga studio that there’s a huge hole in the crotch of your stretchy pants (I am speaking from experience on that one).  In all of the instances we have a choice.  I am not perfect, but I try to choose to not let little things ruin my day.  In the event of finding a hole in my pants that did not leave much to the imagination during hot yoga, I opted to laugh about it and go into the class anyway.  I modified some of the poses to keep myself modest, but I didn’t let it take my focus off of the class because hey, I don’t know if you’ve been to hot yoga, but there are a lot of short shorts on men in there so it kind of evened out.

Another great reason to not be a downer is because it’s contagious.  I don’t want to cross paths with someone muttering under their breath about their shallow woes.  I was getting a tea at Tim Horton’s yesterday and the woman taking drive-through orders became upset with a customer.  So she looked at me, rolled her eyes, and grumbled something with exasperation.  Look, I get that you’re upset lady but no reason to bring me into it.  I don’t want to be your source for venting; I just want a honey lemon tea.  Thank you and goodbye.

One place depressing moods seem to spread quickly is through facebook status updates.  I understand that it’s a place to post your innermost thoughts and you can be as deep as you want, but frankly, I prefer to keep it light.  If you are looking for support from your friends, please don’t post, “My life sucks.  I’m failing school, my boyfriend cheated on me, I crashed my car, and mom made spaghetti…again.”  If you want to talk to your friends about serious stuff (ok, so maybe the spaghetti thing wasn’t that serious), call them.  Text them.  Email them.  Keep it private.  There are some things that are better kept in a small circle.  It really isn’t helping to vent on a public forum like facebook.  Your true friends are the ones who want to help you and you should talk to them in person.  The other 500 acquaintances that are listed as “friends” on facebook just became innocent bystanders of a drive-by status update.

Good moods are contagious, too, and a much better thing to catch than some snooty-la-la-sour-doodle’s mood.   Smile at the Tim Horton’s cashier when she gets crabby.  Tell your friend that her mom may have made spaghetti again but at least she’s not allergic to tomatoes.  Get people to laugh.  Light-heartedness and laughter are proven to improve your health because biologically we want to spend our lives happy.  So let’s make the choice to be happy.  I’ll start and by singing “These Dreams” by Heart while I do the giant mound of dishes that are currently sitting in my sink.  Trust me, it’s a catchy tune.  Have a happy day!